Model about Believing New Things

I’m working on a new belief and would love feedback. While I think the thought generated in the Intentional model is a helpful thought, I’m not sure that it addresses the thought in my unintentional model. Specifically, I am looking for help around creating a thought ladder for “Others will judge me”. Thanks!

Unintentional Model
C: daily work writing out new belief
T: Others will judge me for being silly and wasting time. [Q: Am I mixing models here? would it be helpful to separate “Others will judge me” from         “Others will think I’m silly and wasting time”?}
F: Silly
A:I (almost) don’t write it down.
I edit and limit myself (make the belief less audacious, reword it so it would be more palatable for others).
I stop thinking about the goal and focus on how to make my belief more realistic.
R:I waste time (which is silly). I judge myself.

Intentional Model
C: Daily work writing out new belief
T: My goal is possible if I believe in myself.
F: Open
A:I allow myself to think about and and feel this new belief.
I stop focusing on others’ thoughts and opinions.
I focus on the work ahead of me and get specific by defining the work, making a plan and committing to following through.
R:I am able to move towards believing the new thought.