Model: Businesses cost a lot of money

Hi Brooke,

I’m doing my November homework and not liking my intentional model. I’ll share my unintentional model first:

C: Business
T: It costs a lot of money to run a business
F: defeated, discouraged
A: don’t invest money in biz, save money, freak out, stay in a space of scarcity
R: poor biz that loses me money

Here is my intentional model, but it doesn’t seem true. The thought from my unintentional model seems so true, I feel like it’s a fact (don’t you?!). It’s so hard to believe anything else here. This model doesn’t seem believable, because even with this thought, the above thought is still true, and costs will always be very great to build a business, so no matter how much money I make, costs will also always be great.

C: Business
T: I am capable of creating so much value that will create so much money, I don’t have to worry about business costs
F: slightly more confident
A: try and create more value
R: (hopefully) more value which equals more money, which offsets high business costs

How do I overcome that initial thought? I’m doing your Entrepreneurship course and from the sounds of it, this thought is just a fact of business life. ?