Model Check – Overeating

Hello coaches,

I have recently lost a lot of weight but also gained some back via binge eating and overeating on holidays. The thoughts about this come trough in my thought downloads. I am trying to work on it via models:

C: Touching my body
T: I am a pig, I gained it all back.
F: Disgust
A: going unconscious, eat to buffer, not work on myself, hide in my clothes, eat behind people’s back, overeat, binge
R: Gain it all back


C: Touching my body
T: It is just a body, it can change
F: Content
A: take it slow, start the work on myself, don’t judge, don’t apologize for my body to anyone, do not hide, be healthy
R: My body will change

I think there is the possibility to fully believe my second intentional model. How do I go about it now? Do I keep on doing the models on these thoughts I have about gaining weight?

Thank you!