Model Day 15 – Doctor News


Today, I learned via new MRI results that my cervical spine is totally normal for a 28 year old. However, I was actually disappointed with this finding because I have been dealing with chronic pain in my neck for the last 11 years. A herniated disk in my lower back was just repaired, I wrote in two weeks ago about walking after surgery, and it feels AMAZING. I was hoping for a similar diagnosis and fix for my neck. I didn’t realize my thought error until my Dad turned to me on the way out of the doctor’s office and exclaimed this was great news. I’m trying to model my thoughts but don’t see how the results of my thoughts in this area reinforce my thoughts.

C Spine OK
T I wanted there to be something wrong so that it could be fixed
F Disappointed
A Mope, try to do some thought work

C Spine OK
T I’m luckily that something played out in my favor
F Happy
A Smile and work out
R Get back in shape

The thing is that I don’t believe my ITM. I tried some bridging thoughts to try to get me to the same feeling of happy that my family was expressing but right now I don’t even believe thoughts that produce a neutral feelings. Should I just try to allow my feelings? Is it too soon for thought work?