Model- Donating Baby Clothes

Hello. Can you please check my model to see if I am doing it correctly?

C-there are 5 tubs filled with baby clothes in the garage.
T-it’s going to be so hard to let go of the baby clothes. It’s like accepting that I will no longer have anymore kids. What if I do have more kids? I’m giving away a bunch a clothes. I’ll have to spend a lot of money buying new clothes. I’m thinking from a place of scarcity and poverty.
F-sadness and pain.
A- I avoid going through the clothes.
R-I keep the tubs in the garage, maintaining a cluttered space that stresses me out.

Intentional model:
T-I don’t know what God’s plans are for us. If I have another baby, we can get new clothes. God always provides.
F- accepting.
A- go through the clothes and thank it for the service it provided to my boys, donate it to a pregnancy center, and gave a good cry.
R- I clear out my garage, I feel more at peace because I made a decision, and bless other families with wonderful clothes.