Model for growing my membershipsite

A year a go, I started a membership with mealplans , recipies, shoppinglists and a plan for foodprepping each week.
In the beginning it felt easy to grow, but i have stagnated around 100 members. It feels like every time I make an effort to grow the number off members an equal amount is leaving.
Im doing fb adds, freebies and lot off value, but my question is about the model.
It feels like an constant struggle.

C: after runing fb adds for 3 weeks 75 members
T: its an constant struggle and i will never reach my next goal off 300 members
F: fustration, sad
A: tries to ger the work off planing over with as quick as possible
R: Not giving as much value as possible for the members.

I hav been asking my self: What do I expect to feel, when at 300 members?
My first answer was: on top off things/feeling it is possible to grow even more.
Im not sure if thats catagorise as a feeling, so I have translated it into : Succes.

I have tried several thougths to find that feeling, but none off them seem to work.

Could you help me with some surhestions?
Thank you so much.
Regards from a Dane (Europe). Malene