Model from the “busy” lawyer

Thank you for your response about staying on protocol as a “busy” lawyer. Yes, I guess I do look at my work at the firm as problem. My thoughts are something like, “I’ll never get all this done today” “this brief is due at 5 pm”. “I don’t have very many billable hours this month”. So here is a model-am I on the right track?

C. My job at law firm
T. I’ll never get all this done today
F. Anxious
A. Work like crazy, think about snacking (before SCS eat m&ms)
R. Raise anxiety level, possibility of mistakes


C. Job at law firm
T. I can figure this out, so I am done by 5. I am smart and competent.
F. Inspired. Calmer.
A. Get to work. Breathe. Take mini-breaks. Drink some coffee or lemon water, tea. Eat small piece of dark chocolate if still working at 5.
R. Work gets done, stay on protocol, lower cortisol levels, anxiety greatly diminished, feeling of accomplishment.

Your comments on my model would be appreciated. Thanks.