Model help

I just started the How To Enjoy Being You workbook and am having a hard time filling out my model for Day 1. I’m still a bit new at this and I’m for sure always struggling with the R line.

Here’s what I have for doing a model on one of my thoughts that the world should be different:

C-rape and murder
T-These things shouldn’t happen. Also, women are not objects. (I know there should really only be one thought here)
A-I close myself off to being open or understanding of the situation. I amplify the hate I see in the world. I feel unsafe and uncomfortable in my own skin. I feel hate towards men and the world in general. I shut down-get quiet, keep to myself. I feel alone and different that I’m so affected by things. (is this all over the place?)
R-I create an internal world of hate (?-I know this is supposed to directly tie back to the T. I’m not sure it does.)

Any input is greatly appreciated, thank you!