Model help

I’ve been working on my thought download today and I’m having a hard time with the intentional CTFAR 🙁 your help is greatly appreciated.

C – husband
T – he wants to be angry
F – frustrated, helpless
A – co-dependency – trying to do things to help him feel better, happier, calmer
R – I am exhausted; he feels guilty and like a jerk

C – husband
T- he wants to be angry and it’s ok (not believable for me right now)
F – compassionate
A – hold space, nonjudgmental, I am an ear w/a big heart, work on myself
R – model what’s possible, contribute to the highest level, be present for him.

The intentional F, A and R lines are all believable and driving for me. I’m having a hard time with the T line. Again thank you for your help.