Model help – Mother

Hello, I was not sure if this was a question for here or in the Scholars site. However, I posted here because I want help with what other questions I could ask to talk to a client about the model steps when they do not believe it and when they do not agree with the result.

I am coaching a client who is “struggling”, with her mother. She is “controlling, domineering and a big personality “. All my clients words.
We got this model out & its this, that I would like some assistance with please. As well as any other advice on questions etc.
C: Mother said, “I should get a mindset coach as I could be doing better”
T: I am not good enough
F: Judged & Smothered (she did really struggle to get the feeling as she does not believe T’s create F’s, she would could not/would not just choose one.
A: Questions herself, second guesses herself, doesn’t trust herself, has lost confidence. (she again had real difficulty getting A’s from judged or smothered)
R: Finding evidence that is proving to that she is not good enough. That she is not trusting herself that she is not having her own back.
This R I found to be clunky. We then went on to ? this thought etc.
An y advice/assitance would be welcome.