Model help on a 12-week plan

I would love help on next steps and prompts with this model! I’m trying to peel the onion layers back!

C: my 12-week strategic plan
T: I can’t do all the things on here
F: discomfort
A: resist engaging with strategic plan, be afraid of my bodyguards who are telling me in my head I can’t do it, don’t do the work to put it in my calendar. Do random to-dos. Don’t make it into a more detailed plan. Don’t follow a bigger plan, reinforce bad habits of email based work, don’t build flexibility in my schedule. Don’t be open and learn. Don’t learn don’t have good time estimates. Get off track to my plan. Don’t find little pockets of time. Feel frazzled. Don’t see my time with abundance. See issues, not opportunities. Slow progress. Don’t get into a rhythm. Drain my energy
R: I don’t create a life and results that I want