Model Help – Part 2

Your response made me LOL and so appreciated it. I figured it out.

Here’s my old model:

C: think of something I did/said in the past
T: omg I’m a fucking idiot
F: shame
A: procrastinate, make myself confused, not speak up, say more things outside my integrity
R: lose respect from boss and myself, don’t get work done

New model:
C: think of past things I did/said to my boss
T: I am learning to be open to the idea that I am intelligent
F: optimistic
A: be more productive, speak up
R: respect myself

I also can’t even believe how much I’ve learned by cleaning out my closets and car. The car was a big one. Still had my ex bf’s item in there’s from three years ago from a relationship I ruined.

C: ex bf
T: I ruined that
F: sad
A: cry
R: single (?)

C: ex bf
T: that relationship happened exactly the way it was supposed to. I can still love him
F: love, optimistic
A: consider future relationships
R: be more prepared for future relationship

These feel good. Thank you, Brooke