Model on being tired

For the past 3 days I’ve felt tired, physically but also mentally: I’ve just wanted to be left alone. I realized today that what I actually felt like doing was watching netflix in bed and eating pasta and cakes (I’m following a NFNS protocol). I haven’t done that, but I don’t have any energy, I don’t feel like working (I’m a teacher and I should be planning my week), I don’t feel like going on a walk with my kids (which they need) or doing any other chores around the house. I realize this isn’t serving the future me who’s gonna have to deal with my lack of planning tomorrow, and as one of my goal is to get organized (which I still have trouble believing I can, mostly because of days like this one), I would really like to understand what’s going on. I was trying to do a model, but I find this really hard. The only thing I want to put in the C line is “I’m tired”, “I want to be left alone”, so thoughts or even feelings but not circomstances. I tried “I haven’t done anything since this morning” in the C line, which is actually not true, and here is what came up:
T – Here, I knew that this coaching thing wasn’t gonna work on me.
F – Sad (doomed?)
A – I don’t do anything, I’m not very nice to myself in my thinking, self pity, I’m distancing myself from husband and children, I don’t have any patience, I’m not available.
R – This coaching thing isn’t working

So, what could my model look like? I really feel like the starting point is a feeling, tired, over used, which gives me a thought “The coaching school isn’t working”, “I will never be able to rely on myself”, ” I’m a victim”, “there is nothing I can do about that feeling, it’s just happening to me”… But I know it doesn’t work like that.

Thank you for your help!