Model On My Thought That I’m A Perfectionist

After doing a thought download and seeing that the common denominator in the action line of all of my models was that I beat myself up, I thought to myself… this happens because I’m a perfectionist. In fact my loved ones have pointed this out to me in multiple occasions. So I thought I would do a model about my thought “I’m a perfectionist”. This is what I came up with. Please note that when I worked on my intentional model, I started with the action line as I knew that I want to do the opposite of beating myself down which to me would be to be kind to myself. I had a hard time coming up with the result in the unintentional model as I could not find how it is evidence for my thought. I would love some feedback and recommendations. Thank you!

C: My personality.
T: I’m a perfectionist.
F: bitterness
A: beat myself up, I don’t dream big, I don’t finish things
R. I live a mediocre life

C: My personality.
T: I want to accept myself as I am
F: compassion
A: I’m kind to myself, I don’t set high expectations for myself, I dream
big, I finish what I start.
R. I accept and meet myself where I’m without judgement