model on perfectionism

Hi there — this month, I’ve been doing daily thought work on whatever is coming up around my work as an actor. I’ve been really uncovering and shifting two qualities I have that don’t serve me: neediness + perfectionism. I have a thought that, in order to get any job that I really desire, I have to be perfect. This is bizarre to me because I’m doing good work, and am actually working quite a bit. I really want to move through this to the other side because it is holding me back. I’d love any thoughts or suggestions you have on this. Below is a model I did on it. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!

Unintentional Model
C audition (self-tape — where you film the audition at home)
T we should have done 1 more take because that one would have been perfect
F tight and regretful
A spin about my regretful “careless” work all morning
R more tightness and perfectionism, less trust in myself and my work

Intentional Model #1
C audition (self tape)
T the jobs that are meant to be mine, will be mine
F surrender
A move on to next creative work task (also, let go)
R more presence in my work = better work

Intentional Model #2
C audition (self-tape)
T I sent in my very 1st take (OR: I am a 1 take wonder)
F proud
A move on to working on the play I’m in (aka let go of audition)
R not holding onto things, more presence in work