Model Polishing

I’m efforting to get better with my own models. I’m also in CCP, and I’d like to do better with people that I’m coaching. This morning’s model:

Unintentional Model

C: client work
T: I’m not helping them
F: discouraged
A: (do) tell myself I should be writing, researching, or listening to podcasts instead of coaching, which is a mere distraction, buffer with busyness.
(don’t) relax, trust that with positive intent I will do no harm, let myself be a beginner, appreciate that I’m a listener for them
R: I’m not helping me

Intentional Model:

C: client work
T: my work is simply to find and show them their story
F: confident
A: (do) become an empty vessel pre-coaching, get myself in a place of calm and knowing, get curious, trust my intuition, follow the thread
(don’t) get in my head and make it all about me, talk more than my client
R: I stay grounded and show my clients their thoughts