Model Practice – Adult Children – worry

Hello, I would like some assistance with running a model please. It has to do with me worrying about my 2 girls.
Background: They are both young adults in the entertainment industry and still rely on us for many things, especially at the moment. We are a very close family. I however, worry about them all the time. They are both in very challenging careers. They are both out of work at the moment, however my worrying has been around for a while. I want to do a model that will serve and help me. This is what I have so far.
C – Girls in Entertainment industry – no work at present
T – Concern for my girls
F – Worried
A –
R – I feel more anxious, I spend more time worrying about them and their futures. I don’t get things done I need too.
C – Girls in the entertainment industry – no work at present
T – Work will eventually come, they will be okay.
F – Relaxed
R – I will feel better. I want worry about them as much
A- I wont think about them as much, I will get more of my own work done,
I feel I need to tease this out a lot more.
Thanks in advance