Model Question

Hi coaches,

I would love for you to have a look at my unintentional model. It seems off to me somehow. For your guidance please.

C – things on my calendar not done when husband is home

T – i deserve to be pampered by my husband

F – entitled

A – ask husband to do things for me, ask how his day was, talk about anything with husband, buffer with mobile games when he is doing something else then go back again to talking after a while that he becomes available

R – feeling good but things in my calendar still not done

I think the feeling good part is due to buffering having thoughts about husband doing things for me and with the phone games but end result really is that things on my calendar still not done. But this result does not seem aligned with the thought i put there (though it aligned with the circumstance?) Or is the T something else?

Other related thoughts i had were :
– I’ve done so much at work today i dont want i just want to feel good with my husband when he is here
– I want to connect with my husband more than do the things on my calendar
– To hell with my calendar, my husband is here and i want to enjoy my time with him (writing this now makes me realize that im using my husband as buffer)

Where i want to be is really to be able to do things on my calendar even if husband is home. The thought i came up with is:

T – it is possible to enjoy my time with husband even when i am following my calendar

F – hopeful? (Could you suggest a stronger feeling than just hopeful?)

A – do things on my calendar even if husband is home, allot time on my calendar focused on my husband among other tasks, follow calendar

R – things on calendar done & i get to connect with husband

P.S. there really is magic when you get thoughts out of the brain and on to paper. Instead of just a whole lot of blurred mess inside my brain which gets me to overwhelm & being stuck, i now have more clarity even on the questions i want to ask. Awesome SCS!

P.S.2 i really love love love this “Ask a coach” section where you can just ask about or share anything and everything, to all the senders, and all the coaches who are so ever helpful. Much love!