Model Review for my wedding anniversary

I would love some feedback on my Models, any corrections or things you notice?

C: Today is my 25th wedding anniversary. I moved out of our combined home in Oct 2019/we live separately. Husband has not texted or called today.
T: He’s never shown me any love on our anniversary before, I doubt he’ll start now.
F: Self-pity
A: WAY overreact to spilled coffee on some books and important papers by screaming and throwing things for about 3 minutes, yell at the dog who knocked the coffee over, yell at myself for leaving the coffee there to be spilled and leaving my books on the floor instead of keeping my room clean, don’t work on my business, sit in my bed scrolling social media, don’t respond to business messages I need to today, ruminate on all the wasted years with someone who never loved me, don’t clean the messes, hide from my business (not finishing a half complete social media post, don’t do a facebook live as planned today, don’t prepare for new client sessions tomorrow), keep waiting for him to send me a message, don’t send him a message.
R: I am not loving myself

C: Same
T: I can choose to focus on loving myself today
F: Compassion
A: I send him a message, I decide to show my clients some love by finishing the post/responding to the messages/jumping on for a facebook live maybe sharing my experience today, clean up some clutter around my house, check if I can order new books to replace the ruined ones, make myself a nice meal and plan something I like to do for myself.
R: I am creating love for myself today

Thank you!