Model: Sharing Content On Social Media

Hello! :))))

I would love some thoughts on my models. I’m working on overcome some thoughts that holding me back from living my life on purpose. I used to be a person who avoided being noticed because I was afraid of being judged and criticized. I’m not as I used to be but, I want to bring it for the next level. Please, help me with some ideas and other helpful thoughts. I wanna turn on my F*.

Also, I would like to know if can I post all my daily thoughts for checking here?


C: Share Content on Social Media.
T: My content is boring and people will criticize me for posting it.
F: Scared
A: Don’t post anything that I want. Don’t show up as I want. Hide. Don’t help anyone.
R: Live my life without purpose.


C: Share Content on Social Media.
T: There are tons of people waiting to see my content and be inspired by the way I choose to live my life.
F: Excited
A: Post my SCS progress. Post my motivation quotes and inspirational messages. Post my pictures. Do whatever I want.
R: Live my life on purpose.

Thank you!