Modeling a re-model

I’ve waited 12 years to remodel our tiny dilapidated 1950s bathroom.

It’s almost done! I hired a designer so that I wouldn’t make silly mistakes. However, I’m now faced with some pretty silly choices. We should have made the shower bigger and the vanity smaller. It’s obvious now I see it in real life. Having spent a small fortune on this upgrade I’m struggling with feelings of annoyance with myself for not asking better questions, with the designer for suggesting such a huge vanity and not offering a larger shower and my husband for completely staying out of it until now when he’s asking me “why this choice?” Etc.

I want to change the thought line from “I wish we’d made the shower bigger and the vanity smaller”, but I’m not sure how to get there.

There’s definitely stuff about having waited SO long and then feeling disappointed, about not trusting myself enough to take more control (my life’s journey has been about trusting others to do it right … this feels like another ‘proof’ that you can’t) also the expense and disruption have been huge, but would have felt ok if I’d just been thrilled with the end result.
Thank you