Molestation – AMS


This has taken me many months to ask this question.

As a child I was molested over and over again (about a year) when I was about seven or eight. This brought a lot of shame me knowing I wasn’t a virgin and no boy would want to marry me. I have never married nor been in a long term relationship (nor do I want to be). By societies standards, I don’t fit in.

The person who did this was confronted in the 90’s (after a Tony Robbins seminar in La Jolla and a comedian talked of her experience of being molested and confronted the person and how well it went). It didn’t go well and he denied it happened.

Since then, he has gone out of his way to talk about me in very negative ways (keep in mind, I have had problems, but am clean and sober 32+ years).

He has turned the majority of the family against me (blaming me for my Mom’ financial problems. She assisted me, but we have always helped each other). He also has control over my Mom’s finances (she is in Hospice). The moment she goes, I will be kicked out of where I live. I can’t leave her now and move out, it would hurt her to much. Even though I know that is the answer.

I moved from Marin to Contra Costa (Concord) in to help her.

Anything moved in the house or happens, I get blamed and get rather harsh emails.

I’m not sure what to do. Suing is an option.

I would love your advice on this.

Thank you.