mom-work balance and the guilt

Brooke –

I am really trying to respect my time and my commitments to myself. I have two small children at home (6 weeks and almost 2). I am struggling being what I need to be for them, but also honoring my work, too. I feel selfish for not wanting to put my work on hold (graduate student + entrepreneur), but also having a hard time establishing a work-life balance. I always keep saying “once I get to ___(this point in time)___things will get better,” but I know that this thinking is flawed. I have the power to feel better now about this, just not sure how to break it down and figure it out. Their needs always come before my own and I love this part of my life, being their mom. I just ALSO want my work back. It makes me feel whole and challenges me intellectually, which I need. I want to feel good about being a dedicated mother; I also want to feel good about pursuing my work, too. Help!