Monday Hour One and More

I have absolutely loved the Monday Hour One Training. They did such a great job. This is my first experience with that approach, and I have always taught moms different approaches, so I have several questions related to it:

1) When and where do we put the “dailies”? I know she mentioned “this will give me time to get my kids up, etc.” but do these dailies (shower, cleaning out email, answering people, hair/face/make up, feeding kids, cleaning kitchen, making meals, daily reading, thought work, picking up house before bed, making bed, etc.) get put in at first on a recurring calendar?

2) Sometimes it felt like it was for work and other times for all—-this is for everything? Right? There wasn’t any child needs calendared in the video to speak of, but there were household needs (like dog sitting, etc.)…but it is for kids and husbands too, right?

3) It felt like there were only 15 hours or so remaining for work in a week? A few clients, an email, and a transcript review….is this true? Just trying to see how to put work in after all of the fun and needful things.

4) On her cards, she kept things she wants to remember for the next Monday Hour One, right? I do something similar on my phone, but it’s always staring at me each day. I like the idea of having it for Monday Hour One and not thinking about it until then.

5) I would love for someone to address using this when you’re just starting building your biz and your work hours truly are evenings and weekends if you’re still working during the day. I know it can be done, but it feels more useful as a system when your evenings and weekends are free.

6) And do you calendar your evenings and weekends? For other things?

7) Finally, did I miss a video on Friday Hour Done?

Thanks so much. I am a perpetual list maker, and while I do teach a helpful prioritizing system….just leaving some things behind feels good to me! 🙂

I can’t get enough of SCS!!!!