Monday Hour One – Im a Realtor

I want to implement the Monday Hour One scheduling but I’m a Realtor. Clients don’t always give me much notice when wanting to see houses. Should I schedule certain time in each day for showings? Then if that time doesn’t get filled that day for showings, is it considered free or wasted time? I also don’t get to take weekends off right now. I don’t feel like it is a smart decision to block weekends when lots of clients want to see houses when they aren’t working. I was thinking about taking a Saturday or Sunday each week, and alternating those “Off Days”. Also, back to scheduling time for showings with clients, I feel like this time slot needs to change often so that I am providing options for my clients to work with. Ultimately I have to show houses as much as possible so I have the higher chance of putting buyers under contract. I work mostly with buyers right now, but would love to transition to more sellers eventually. Sorry if I am all over the place, “thinking out loud”