Monday Hour One – "There’s not enough time to do everything"

I used Sunday to plan out on Google calendar my Monday Hour One schedule for the week. I did my brain dump and found I couldn’t fit in some tasks that I really wanted to schedule time for. These are things like doing a devotional and journaling every day and working on my blog, which is a side project for me. I couldn’t even fit cleaning the house, even though I really would have liked to this week. And my evenings barely include spending time with my husband.

So I feel like even with scheduling, there’s not enough time to do everything. But I also know that Brooke says, things like “Time is in your mind” and “Time is what you decide it is” and “Time is what you make of it and think of it.”

How can I apply these principles to my situation in a way that feels believable to me? How can I believe from a place of abundance that I have all the time I need to do what I want (even when faced with a booked schedule?)

Here’s my unintentional model:

C = A few todos left in brain dump list to transfer to Google calendar
T = There’s not enough time to do everything
F = Discouraged
A = Fill in calendar with most tasks; don’t evaluate what can be delegated, deleted, or pushed to later; don’t schedule non-urgent but important tasks like daily devotionals and blogging.
R = I don’t have enough time to do everything