I want to make $1500 from my business to pay for scholars up to December. I quit my job recently to start my coaching business.
I quit my job to make more money to afford coaching and also make more time. My goal was to either look for a new higher paying job or start a business. Right now, I have so much doubt on whether I can even make money from my business and I think it will take longer than I imagine.

I am scared because if I don’t make the money within 3 months then I will have to cancel scholars (which I don’t want to do). I don’t feel confident or certainty that I can make money from my business. However, I also do have evidences on how I can totally do it.

I am thinking of getting a new job so I can have money to invest back on my business. Only resistance that I have about getting a job is that I again won’t have time and energy to work in my business or that my potential employer would expect me to work long-term. I am worried what if my business starts making money and then I would have to quit my job again so early.

Now I doubt that I can even get a new job that matches my preferences. I am looking for a part-time/contract/high paying job but my thought is there aren’t many opportunities at my place. I looked through all LinkedIn job postings and there weren’t any opportunities at my place. Even if there was opportunities, I didn’t meet their qualification.