Money and Husband

Hi! I have a question about what to do when you know you have a lot of money and you want to invest in something, but your husband is not on board with it. I just got off the money call and my husband and I have a lot, but he’s very afraid to spend any of it. He thinks we’re going to run out without extra income, my laptop is malfunctioning and I need it for work, but he’s not ok with me buying a new one. He’s still using his old MacBook Air that has a swollen battery and a keyboard you can’t use because “it still mostly works with an external keyboard”. I’ve had issues and complaints about my equipment, but my husband wants me to make 2K first and not take any money out of savings to buy a new computer because “it still mostly works”. I personally believe this is important and needs to be replaced ASAP, and I would happily rather have a new computer than the money. How does the training apply when you have a lot of money, but your spouse is coming from scarcity?