Money Goals worksheet Step #5 – PART 2

I wrote in before asking for help with Money Goals worksheet Step #5 (“Complete the following Model with your money goal in the R line”). This is a follow-up because I am still unsure if I am applying the model correctly for this step.

Model – first try
C: I earn $15,000 from a business that I want to phase out. I have started a new business (blog) that does not have a plan for monetizing.
T: I can take massive action towards my goal {?? not sure I believe this, might need ladder thought}
F: pumped, determined, confident
A: take massive action on blog {?? I don’t really believe this will work to achieve goal}
R: I earn $120,000 per year

Model – second try
C: My blog is my main income source but my consulting and other businesses also bring in income. {this is not my current circumstance, trying to follow Coach instruction to put circumstance as if I have the result}
T: Purposeful action will get me there {not sure if I believe this? can’t figure out ladder thought}
F: Confident
A: I have created a lot of content on my blog. I have created a monetization plan for my blog. I have products that I sell on my blog.
R: I earn $120,000/year.