Money goals

Hi Brooke

I joined Scholars in February and have loved it, all the wisdom has been amazing. I did the money course back in February, which was amazing in the way my mind has shifted. But recently I’ve noticed myself slipping back into old habits, and my morning thoughts are now always about not having enough money to do what I would like to (e.g. coaching course!)

And I’m feeling stuck. Although I have stopped/changed many of my old habits (mainly blame and expectation) I don’t know what next to do. I feel too old to start again! (I am 63)

My models are:

C Money
T I’m scared, getting older, don’t have enough.
F Alone and frightened
A Bury head in sand, worry about the future
R ?

C Money
T ?
F Assured
A Talk to my partner, make plans that work for both of us and that we’re both
happy with
R I work towards my money goals
I started the IM with my result and worked upwards, but have got stuck on T line. Also not sure about my R line in UM

Any help appreciated. Thank you ☺