Money program is awesome

Thanks so much for the two Money mindset programs! I’ve been doing the work for a few weeks now. Yesterday, I decided to really feel my money insecurities and love the money I have at the same time. The action I am taking seems corny but it is actually profound: each day, I am opening my banking app on my phone so I can look at the account balances. I am thanking the dollars I see there and telling them I love them. I am thanking the expenses I see there for bringing joy to my life.

And this is truly incredible: today, a client accepted an offer (contract amount) that is almost exactly the same amount as my checking account balance this morning. And last week, we were able to claim some outstanding funds. The total of those funds? Almost exactly the same amount as the checking account balance this morning!

I don’t believe in manifesting without action. But when you take action intentionally (like make an offer), the result will manifest! OMG this is amazing. I can get used to this and I am increasing my capacity to have every day. 🙂