Money stuff

Hey Brooke, I totally love your work on money, however I always feel like it starts to feel a little political at some point when we start talking about money and why people have it and why they don’t. For me it all goes back to what my political science teacher taught me at high school about left and right wing political stances. The right tends to believe in an internal locus of control as they see themselves in control of their lives whereas the left tends to think that they are shaped by society, an external locus of control. And the interesting thing is that people with an internal locus of control belief are happier regardless of their circumstance. Now, clearly, both of these points of view are 100% true. I always make good money because, well, that’s what my family taught me I deserve (internal locus) because I’m a middle-class white person (external locus) but not everyone in my family did this, so we see a mix of external and internal locus of control. Now life coaches are the internal locus of control experts so if you ask a life coach about this they are going to say it’s 1000% internal locus of control. Because that is literally their job. Literally. But here’s where it gets interesting. I happen to live in a country with great healthcare and welfare which I love. I love that everyone can get great medical care and I love paying my taxes for this. Seriously I love it. I have been in the top tax bracket my whole life in countries with high tax and I love thinking that everyone has great schooling and that kids of poor families have food. In fact, I have lived in three countries who have this and also in the states where there’s like zero help and some of my family have paid the price big time (in the states you can get sick and lose your house!). The thing is I believe in 100% internal locus of control for me and for anyone I coach but when I vote I believe 100% in an external locus of control when I vote because I know that people did not have anywhere near the same opportunities as me. Anyway, I thought I would raise this because a lot of my fav coaches like Dan Sullivan are also on the right because the are the internal locus of control experts which focus on the personal however I totally disregard them at a social level because of this. Thanks so much for everything you do! I just wanted to share this distinction with you.