Money from x-in law

Hits Brooke-Straight to the skinny! -My x-MIL gives me money each year for my Xmas and bday. I just don’t want it because “I just don’t accept gifts from on-friends/people who don’t respect my boundaries.” That’s my bottom line after lots of model work and trying to decide if I like my reasons for not accepting a gift. The other reasons I have gone through & don’t like are: ( feel free to read w a whiny voice)

– she is trying to make up for fill in n the blank
– she uses her money to get people to do what she wants and if I accept , I am complicit

-i just don’t want it!

So- to my question : If I know that my boundary reason Has some anger in it (which I am actively practicing feeling before working on the thought, which is something like she’s doing the best she can and I graciously accept her gifts and faults), am I still missing something?