More Modeling Questions

Hi Brooke, I am letting my mind get confused about modeling and I’m trying not to let it do that. I’ve read through the materials and watched the videos on modeling, but I’m not sure where go after I have my intentional model is set. Here is what I am understanding about the process so far if this is correct?
Thought Download Daily on anything that comes up or for homework that month
Take one thought and do an unintentional model on it
(Take time to really understand why you have that thought, why you do what you do, how you react & catch yourself, notice what feelings come up)
(Take time to decide what emotion you want to create)
Do an Intentional model
Practice intentional thought & look for evidence of truth? (Where laddering thoughts come in?)

Is the correct “process” as I’m going through models? As laddering thoughts become more believable, is this when you start changing over to another thought? If there are many thoughts around the same thing, should I be modeling out all of them? Could I use affirmations for practicing the intentional thought over and over again?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!