morning dull drum

Brooke, Thank you doesn’t seem adequate for all you do for us. for me. You are a treasure.
Here’s my question…
Surprisingly I woke up early this morning without an alarm, my eyes just popped open. (I am so not a morning person!) but today, I was wide awake and refreshed. I ran to the store really quickly to be sure we had food for lunches today. I was home before anyone was awake. Made lunches began to clean up the kitchen. All was well, there was peace and energy. Here I am 2 hours later, I’m tired, and downcast. I’m struggling to figure out what is going on. I can’t seem to pinpoint where the switch happened. I am realizing this tired and downcast thing about me is how I’ve been living the majority of my days. If it weren’t for these snip-its where I have a surprise moment of peace and energy I wouldn’t recognize how I move through the majority of my day. I am grateful to be awakened to this, but how do I move away from the tired and downcast and more into the peace and energy? How do you determine if it is physical or mental that needs to be worked with? Where do I go from here?