Mother in law

So cliche that I’m having trouble with my thoughts and emotions around my mother in law ha. Problem is there is no problem. She’s so sweet and so nice and has such a big heart. She tells me these amazing stories about these spiritual experiences she has. She wants to pass down her wisdom and tries without being overbearing to teach me important life lessons with love. She loves my kids and brings them gifts and is so generous and giving.
So why can’t I stand her? (Yes my thoughts) I know this intellectually but I’m having such a hard time when I’m around her. The way she talks- (although if someone else was telling me that same thing it would be a great conversation) I’m completely annoyed and closed off. I can’t put my finger on it- I feel that she rubs me the wrong way. Her mannerisms and the way she does things and the way she anticipates me and my kids. When she tells stories I know they are of good content but I have a hard time caring. I’m bored and uninterested but When I try to act as if I’m interested I feel so fake and it drains me. Ignoring her and just nodding also feels inauthentic- I don’t talk around her because I don’t like our conversations- I don’t feel like I can connect with her. She’s very sappy and emotional and I’m more carefree and fun. She’s serious and I don’t always want to talk about serious things and hear about how much she loves me. It gets under my skin.

Do you ever have people who just “rub you the wrong way”. Who are nice and amazing people but you just don’t “connect”?

I know you’re going to tell me connecting comes from my thoughts. Oh how it feels so untrue ha.

I need a bridge thought. I love her but I don’t like her I think is the title of my story about her. I want to like her so I can like myself when I’m around her.

Okay here’s my work

T: ugh she’s so annoying, stop talking
F: annoyed
A: close off, don’t engage
R: a fake relationship (not sure on the result)

T: I’m can be fascinated and curious by her and why she operates the way she does
F: calm (want to be interested but can’t quite get there)
A: listen with more openness
R: might possibly like her (again unsure about result)

Thanks for any insight.