Mother in Law Facebook Post

Sorry to be controversial, I hope this is allowed… I am afraid to even write this for fear of judgement, but I am new and need help. My family is unvaccinated. My mother in law knows this but she posted an article on Facebook and commented that she hopes unvaccinated people just die. My sister in law “liked” it. After much consideration, I quietly unfriended them both because I would rather not see anymore posts like that. They can still call, text, or email me if they want. However, I can’t shake the feeling of rejection and hatred and it feels really awful. I am not really sure what my result is in the unintentional and I am fairly lost on the intentional. I don’t know what thoughts to think. Can you help me? Thanks.

Here is what I have so far:
C. My MIL posted on Facebook that she hopes the unvaxxed just die
T. Wow, she really despises us.
F. Awful, rejected, despised, misunderstood, unloved, deeply sad, feel physically ill
A. Ruminate, negative thought spiral, withdraw, obsess