Mr Rogers and Brooke and her Teachers

I had to share this. I went to see the documentary today on Fred Rogers. Those in their 40s and 50s will know for sure! It was amazing to learn about his philosophies of life in general and his value system for onesself and others. As you may know he was an avid lover of teaching children how to best navigate life and what childten need to be their own person. I couldnt help but to notice so many of of teachings for example, one of many, that we are all loveable and capable of love. There were so many of his thoughts and teachings that ran so similiar to the ideas taught in the Life Coach School. So simple, so meaningful, and yet sometimes hard to live by. Please go see this documntary. You will feel the connection. Its called. “Wont You Be My Neighbor”. If you see it Brooke, let us know if you agree!!