MS Relapse

I’m in the middle of an MS relapse. I’m doing a lot of buffering with food and alcohol. I’m very limited in what I can do right now so some of the negative feeling I’m buffering is boredom. I’m also buffering for the pain and spasms I’m having. It’s amazing what something yummy in your mouth can do to distract for a coupe of minutes 😉 I’m usually pretty good at dealing but not this time.

C MS Relapse
T I hate this disease and all that comes with it
F Sadness
A Buffer
R Situation is even more burdened than just the MS alone

C MS Relapse
T You are a very strong person and you have worked thru this before
F Capable
A Take the best care of myself possible
R Only have the MS to deal with and not emotional baggage added to it

Thoughts or suggestions