Multiple urges in 10 minutes? Or is that what one urge feels like?

Hi I am just beginning to work on actually allowing urges rather than resisting them, and it’s confusing because the urge is sometimes so fleeting after what feels like 1 second of resisting it. So it feels like for the past few days when I’ve been having urges I have resisted them for a millisecond and that being new to me has left me surprised to realize that many of these urges leave as quickly as they came. So now I am working on journaling how urges feel in the moment, to build awareness of whether I’m resisting or allowing them, since the feeling goes away so quickly. So just now I had an urge for food that went away almost immediately after I recognized it as an urge, but then I journaled to question whether I had resisted it and it had disappeared to insidiously build intensity and return with a vengeance, or whether I truly felt it for that millisecond before it dissipated. I concluded that I probably allowed it and that it just went away quickly, but then a few minutes later another food urge came up and I don’t know if that was the same urge resurfacing since it’s a beach ball I pushed under water, or if I really just had another urge. What I’m long-winded-ly trying to ask is if urges are less than ten minutes apart, do I count them as the same urge/bead?