My 2020 goal blew up

Trying to find a model that helps with my situation. The big 2020 goal for the year was planning a 12 day trip to Japan in May. I’ve been wanting to do this amazing trip for a long time and finally get in a place I can do it and the world health situation changed. I was starting to be concerned when the Corona Virus was first detected in Asia. Last week after speaking with my adopted Daughter in Japan she told me she would not be traveling to the main cities I would be visiting due to her fear of the virus. I had planned for both of us to visit and spend the needed time together. That news that I could not see her on this trip changed my plans as that was 90% of the reason for the trip was to see her. I have not seen her in 5 years due to her health issues, she is unable to travel the distance to America. I just feel terrible and can’t find a model that helps me past this disappointment.
C. Japan trip canceled
T. I am so disappointed
F. discouraged, sad
A. making no other real goal for this year
R. I’ve canceled 2020