My biggest Dare complete on Father’s Day

Thank you SCS team from Japan morning time! Excuse my poor English but let me dare to write. I just finished a phone call to my father on Father’s Day. It was one of my biggest dare I even didn’t think I could make. I had put it on my impossible list of my brain so long so that I don’t need to try.

There was a conflict between me & my mother for more than a year and have not met my parents since then. This is the first time I talked with my father after such a long frozen period. I even called my mother last week as my dare, just to make sure they’re doing OK. I felt a rejection in her voice but I have completed my dare anyway, and today’s dare was much bigger one for me. While this long period of no communication with him I’d been believing that my father thinks I’m an ungrateful daughter, just hating me ’cause I don’t meet their expectations and needs. I’m not available to support my old parents because I have my life with my partner far from my hometown.
I had a silent anger to them, too. For not accepting me as I am, my struggle with relationships, my business failure, my mental struggles all my life etc.
The conversation this morning was simple, and peaceful. His voice was so warm and cheerful. I am now sure he accepts me as I am. They live their life perfectly, I will give my hand whenever necessary, but it’s not my responsibility to worry about them. My frozen feeling towards them had melt away. I feel so warm now. It’s a big ice broken.
Thank you so much. Yoshi