My Dare Day #4

Today, I continued using my previous dares more regularly (asking for compliments and discounts) and was able to open up and ask for stuff without having to think too much about the negative answer. So I am noticing that what was once a dare becomes a regular thing – as you keep practicing it.
My today’s dare came when the day was about to close. At late night, me and my family drove back home, me and husband had an argument and when we reached home, I just wanted to sit in the car. Usually both of us take one sleeping kid each and settle them down in bed. But today I didn’t want to go anywhere so I just sat in my car. My husband took both the kids inside and then opened all the doors of the car so that I get up and come inside home. initially, I started getting scared that some stray animal might wander around and come inside the car and attack me (that’s the fear I have about animals). Then I decided to choose this as a dare moment and reworked on it. I was most scared of the animal overpowering me. Then I realized that if it comes to that, I am sure that I will not give in, I will do my best to overpower it. With this thought, I just sat for sometime (not so scared now). After sometime, when my mind had settled in, I closed the car and went in home. I feel a bit more relaxed with ferocious looking animals. Also, I did a mental model on this, is that good enough ?