My husband is sober!

After decades of heavy drinking, my husband just celebrated 100 days sober. I’ve been off alcohol for 2.5 years now. I LOVE being with this man….now. I didn’t love being with him before and I could give you all the reasons why but it doesn’t matter. Only my thoughts matter. But my thoughts are now based on what it’s like to be around him, to have a conversation with him, to be in his presence. I want to convince you that it’s true that he’s so much more present now, is able to connect on a deeper level and we can have a real conversation about things that matter. So my thoughts have changed because the circumstances have changed. I think I can prove in a court of law that this guy can now hold a conversation:)
I don’t know how long he will refrain from alcohol and I feel a little hesitant to love the present moment in fear it will go away. How crazy right?