My Impossible Goal!

Hi Brooke! I am new to Scholars this month, and I have given a lot of thought to my goal selection. I have decided to set a goal of using my calendar to address my To-Do’s – I am a great list maker and have lots of awareness of what to incorporate into my life in order to feel better, but my follow-through – not so much. I know I am on to something since just articulating this goal jacks up my anxiety…Any suggestions for how to not get overwhelmed by this goal (obviously if it was easy I would have done it a long time ago). Suggestions for how to identify my 25 potential fails per quarter? Since using my calendar and following through on planned activities (food journaling, meditation, exercise, house routines, and now SCS work, to name a few) has the potential to give me multiple fails per day, I would like to know how to successfully work up to succeeding at this goal. I have signed up for a tutoring session. Thanks for your ideas. I am looking forward to tackling this goal!