My Manual

I realized when I was working on relationships is that I have a long manual for myself to keep myself in line:
like don’t spend money, be in control of eating and drinking, don’t be a loudmouth, braggart. I could go on and on. And then when I see other people doing the things I judge as wrong I am infuriated and think they should be punished. So I feel resentful, stuck and live such a small life. I want to change that and would like some help in figuring out the models for that. (That will keep me busy!)
Do I just list down:
C- My sister is traveling
T- People with no money should not go on trips
F- Anger, resentment
A- don’t let myself travel (even though I can afford it)>
R- I don’t go on trips

C- My sister is traveling
T- My sister is traveling and she can afford it
F- Happy for her
A- Enjoy her stories am interested, support her.
I see just by doing this is that I need to take all my judgements of which there are infinite numbers.
Thanks Brooke