My negative thoughts are all indulgent – GH

Hi Brooke!
Ty for your answer to my last question about how important it is to feel both positive and negative emotions , and not to “neutralize” them.

I’m having a difficult time allowing , though. I can avoid most negative feelings and not buffer or procrastinate anything (except housework maybe 😉 when I stuff the negative emotions away (even though my body feels tight and I have shoulder pain from tension)

I also know that another consequence is that I’m experiencing life halfway because I am not fully engaged in the wide spectrum of emotion.

So, I’ve been practicing feeling the negative emotions but now I’m remembering why I stopped allowing myself to feel the yukky emotions often.

EVERY NEG EMOTION BECOMES INDULGENT FOR ME!!!!! My brain spins out of control and blows it up. All day looping. For days. I try to take control . It’s so challenging to get a grip .

I remember suffering as a teenager because of this. Anxiety , depression, poor body image, loneliness, anorexic thinking. I remember vowing to train myself to be positive at all costs when I came across Tony Robbins in the late 90’s .

Life got dim because of that decision but I’m afraid to go back to what I was.

How do I change this so I can feel like a human being and not get stuck? New models don’t work when I’m in my crazy loop which happens the moment I allow a negative emotion in. I promise I’m trying. This month is challenging me. It’s going to end without me integrating this important skill. I know it can be a game changer.