My purpose

Hi coaches!

Would like to have your comments please on my purpose and my reason for it.

My purpose: I want to live and love my life to the fullest.

My why/s:
– Because i want to evolve myself to my fullest potential with what my mind, my emotions and my actions can create
– Because I want to continuously add value into my life and the lives of others by evolving myself +++ (same above)
– Because I want to enjoy a fun, exciting & interesting life

My mind has been offering me thoughts such as:
– I should i define what “to the fullest” means to me. And that should i include this definition on my purpose statement.
– My first reason should be part of my purpose statement. But it seems to be too long.
– My reasons seems vague and shallow, i should define them more.

Could you please help me with questions i can ask myself to further dig deep into my purpose and my reason for it. I should probably mention that my answer to the first question is that im not fully believing that im 100% worthy but i am learning to believe.