My scales and I – the sequel

Hi Brooke!
Today I decided to catch up and do May’s work on relationships. The first “relationship” that occurred to me was the one I’ve had with my… scales! It worked beautifully! I’ve realised that I’m always really optimistic when stepping on them and when my hopes are squashed, I feel terrible about myself. So I’ve put up a poster next to my scales, reminding myself to expect all kinds of negative feelings like frustration, anger, powerlessness, reluctance, shame… And that it’s ok! And I’ve also written down some useful thoughts:
– I can master whatever I choose to master.
– I’m planting actions as if they were seeds (my brilliant six year old daughter’s idea!)
– My scales are a neutral and reliable tool.
– My weight is not my value.
– Thanks to my scales, I know where I am at.
– My scales and I are in a balanced relationship: I act and it shows me my results. (etymologically interesting, isn’t it? In French, scales are “une balance”).
And then I wrote my scales a letter of appreciation. And I realised I like its reliability, its stability. I can count on it to be neutral, unbiased. Everything’s always been about the thoughts I’m having about myself. Which is what the whole relationship work is about, isn’t it? Fascinating!
Thank you so much for showing me that I need to be more patient with myself (among a “small” list of other things…)!
Have a GREAT day!
Nan – work in progress