My scary dare!

Hi, Brooke! My heart is pounding as I type this because I typically go out of my way to not ask for things and not put other people in potentially uncomfortable positions. This is truly the scariest dare I can imagine. I’d love to offer my freelance editing services for your written Self Coaching Scholars content. The content is completely AMAZING. The improvements that I’ve seen in my own life over the past (almost) six months prove how amazing the content is. What I can offer is a quick editing pass before publishing that could make that content even more clear, professional, polished, and reader-friendly. I’m completely prepared for you to say, “No, thanks!” I’ll still feel great about asking. If you’re not interested in adding an editing pass to your content-development process, would you be willing to spread the word about the course that I’m developing? It’s an online course that teaches anyone how to write more clearly, directly, and concisely. I’m launching it later this year. Thank you so much, regardless of your answer. I can handle any emotion that comes up, thanks to you! Here’s a link where people can sign up for more information about my clear-writing course: